1) 1981 -1990

     In 1981 the first collie came into my life. In 1991 the kennel name Triad was registered. The period from 1981 until 1990 was mostly about decision making, learning, watching, talking, building interest, formatting the vision, searching for the line to start and work with. There were three litters born then, all out of a dominant sable Želja od Hrvatske (Rokeby, Dunsinane and Tameila behind) sired by two different sires. That first experience revealed the challenge, excitement and mystery of breeding collies.


2) Triad 1991 - 2007

     The first litter registered as Triad was the litter sired by CH Steadlyn Show Stopper and homebred Tama Talita (a daughter of Zelja od Hrvatske and CH Bijou Conde Vom Orankesee, an influential and important sire and a very successful show dog in Croatia during the eighties).


     Out of Tama’s litter was Triad Tulsa Time, beautiful tricolour lady who whelped a litter of nine, sired by CH Steadlyn Skywriter, out of which Triad Whirlwind, who mated to CH Steadlyn Dinner Jacket, became the mother of CH Triad Outlined in Blue and CH Triad One Step Beyond.



     Both CH Steadlyn Skywriter and CH Steadlyn Dinner Jacket were imported and owned by Triad at the beginning of the nineties.
On the other side, an irresistible temptation came out during one of very frequent visits to Steadlyn at that time, when Mia Ejerstad presented three months old Steadlyn Silent Wish. Simona, as she was called (after her father Simon – CH Steadlyn Signature) was not only the wish, she was a dream come true in every aspect of her being. She was of the kind that you always hope for but are very lucky to find once in a lifetime.


     Simona, (the first and so far the only European CH collie in Croatia, international CH, Croatian and Slovenian CH and also club CH) joined Triad in 1992 and had her first litter, sired by Steadlyn Skywriter, in 1993. Out of this litter came the first Triad champion - CH Triad Stormy Weather.
The second Simona’s litter where Triad Cartoon Outlaw was born was sired by CH Steadlyn the Revolution.

     Toonie, as she was called, was mated to CH Triad Outlined in Blue and whelped the first litter out of both Triad parents thus concluding the era dedicated to the foundation of the line, and the beginning of the new phase, where I hope to give myself more creative freedom, concerning development and exploring possibilities in breeding, with the spirit of adventure in mind, within the frame of the collie standard, without any doubt, being the goal, the model, the correction and the mirror.


     The opening of the new phase belongs exclusively to Triad Indian Nightbreeze, Debbie, the tricolour bitch of rare quality and the living example of what a brood bitch should be. She has produced three litters of puppies excelling both in quality and type, although sired by different sires of completely different background.


     From her litter with Steadllyn Without Doubt comes Triad Fingal Freewheeler, a sable dog of good size and conformation, beautiful head and rich sable colour. Her second litter with Steadwyn Black Signature left me with three extraordinary tricolour girls, Triad Morning Star Her Eyes, Midnight Rani and My Bonnie Tri, hopefully to be shown as well as bred from, and their brother Triad My Nightvictorious who is still waiting for his debut in show rings. The third litter was a kind of adventure I was referring to, a complete outcross with CH Brooklynson Alexander, who is a blend of English and Lakefield bloodlines. High hopes on my side for these dogs as well. However, it was the last litter under the name of Triad.


Triad Champions

> CH Triad Stormy Weather - Croatian champion
  (CH Steadlyn Silent wish x CH Steadlyn Skywriter)


> CH Triad Rhythm of Tide - Slovenian champion
  (Triad Twine Rhonda x CH Steadlyn Skywriter)


> CH Triad Outlined in Blue - Croatian, Slovenian, International, junior champion , BIS winner
  (Triad Whirlwind x CH Steadlyn Dinner Jacket)


> CH Triad One Step Beyond - Croatian champion
  (Triad Whirlwind x CH Steadlyn Dinner Jacket)


> CH Steadlyn Skywriter - Croatian champion
  (Steadlyn Silk Mitten x Ch Shep’s Huckleberry boy)


> CH Steadlyn Dinner Jacket - Croatian champion
  (Steadlyn Sarah brae x Nelwood’s Ghost Buster)


> CH Steadlyn Silent Wish - Croatian, Slovenian, International, 1994 European CH, club champion, BIS winner
  (Nellwod’s Joyful Harmony x Ch Steadlyn Signature)


> CHJ. Steadwyn Black Signature - Croatian Junior Champion
  (Steadwyn Black Glory x CH Steadwyn Sacred Blues)

3) Roughian – 2008…

Things change. Sometimes they change a lot.
In November, 2008 my new kennel name was registered.
I live in countryside and my dogs can spend their time outside in a fenced yard on their own as they prefer. There are four of them now: Triad My Nightvictourious, Triad Morning Star Her Eyes, Triad My Bonnie Try (all tricoulours, by Steadwyn Black Signature x Triad Indian Nightbreeze) and a blue merle Triad Icing on the Cake, a litter sister to Triad Indian Nightbreeze


     As far as breeding is concerned I see time changes the priorities and interests, as well. Now I am looking forward to new perspectives in breeding. I would like to play a little with various combinations if possible. Nevertheless, I expect this would require even more detailed searching, planning and choosing. Also, to keep the number of dogs down, I need more restrictive approach, keeping only what is considered the best of the best, and in some reasonable intervals...

     To my great surprise, a new opportunity for my engagement in dog activities has emerged recently with several judging invitations, which is something new and very exciting for me, especially since it incredibly well fits my vision. I see this as an opportunity to get acquainted with and to go over more dogs than it would otherwise be possible, particularly regarding dogs from various distant parts of the world. I am honoured, excited, curious and happy to be able to judge in countries like Finland and Australia, which are far away from my own country so I can normally see only the photos of their dogs on the Internet, and the entries to their shows number more than a hundred collies! I expect to learn a lot from such experiences and I hope that I would be able to express and communicate some of my own ideas through my judging…
This is more or less what I am hoping for in the near future, but as we all know, you can never really tell what tomorrow brings.

* Cycles – selected extracts from the interview for Eva Maria Krämer's Collie Revue nr.124 Jun, 2008 – updated 2009