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Roughian Stargazer


July 2011
Adventurous Roughians on the island of Brač
(with a lot of help from my friend - thanks Natasha)


Triad Yellow Jacket Dancer & Triad Morning Star Her Eyes


Ian going places

one by one
everyone has left...
autumn wind


July 29 - August 1, 2010 - Triad My Bonnie Tri on holidays

Ancient olive trees in Lun,
thousand years, thousand kisses, touching eternity...


summer mountain--
with each step more
of the sea


June 28, 2010


Paws and tales of freedom


at Easter time:


stepping out of my old boat shoe


While bears are sleeping, collies aren't


Dogs' New Year


Yo Ho Seize a Bottle and Go!


May, 17
paws'n'tails dance, dance...




Winter interlude